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TORO LOCO Srl was established in 2011, right in the middle of a bad economic crisis.

The company’ name suggests that situation: a TORO (bull in english) is the very determined animal, strong and usually peaceful that represents the founder whilst LOCO (crazy in english) describes the fool venture of starting a new company during such a negative market situation.

Corporate philosophy is inspired by TORO’ determination and strength. The founder, after building up his long and faceted experience in this field by reaching important targets, has restarted operation supporting those concepts of customer service that always stimulated and incentivized him through the years.

Applying this corporate philosophy to the marketing of a wide range of attachments will be for Toro Loco an opportunity to please customers. “Working is a pleasure in life so being finally in a position to do what I always wanted to do will be my main pleasure. Serving and pleasing hard working customers will be the future purpose of all what TORO LOCO srl will manufacture or sell”.  In a world that’s largely depending on information technology and all its tools like Internet, Facebook, etc. just one things is missing from the marvelous world of computers and that’s Service. TORO LOCO Srl working style consists in listening to customers’ advice and problems so developing and improving the products it offers.

Matching attachments with machines is often more important than the attachments themselves; because of that we aim at choosing already existing products from assisting and advising customers for their purchases. The advanced technology of attachments from all manufacturers makes for a need that many did not understand: the PRE-SALE ADVISE SERVICE.

Explaining the main aspects of an attachment and making the correct application to the machine taking into account the job to be done means making the customer satisfied as well as avoiding the need for service to fix bad applications. The same old saying is always right: “Prevention is better than mending”.



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