Babini: Elevation Excellence

Giovanni Babini, blacksmith, opened a workshop in the 1960s in Longastrino, Province of Ferrara. These were the years of the economic boom and work, initially in metalwork and repairs, soon made way for the manufacture of agricultural equipment. His son, Giorgio, who first alternated between studying and working, began full-time in the business in the 1970s, bringing entrepreneurial intuitiveness and a passion for technology and research that would be the turning point: from workshop to company and then from company to company of excellence, leader in the sector of mechanical and agricultural engineering with a quality trademark of, precisely, company of excellence. Thus, in the 1970s, Giorgio Babini designed the first hydraulic forklifts for moving goods and the first agricultural machines for fruit farming.

The machines’ performance and high level of reliability were recognised immediately and, in a very short time, the company began to establish a reputation in both Italy and abroad. In the early 1980s, continuous growth made it necessary to move to larger premises and the company passed definitively from Giovanni to Giorgio, with the support of his wife, Teresa, who is in charge of the management side of the company, which is gradually computerised. The evolution and increasing specialisation of the global agricultural market require ever more reliable machines, capable of meeting very specific requirements.

Babini focuses on design and opened a new internal technical department in its new 1600 m2 premises, dedicated to design and research: meticulous and tireless design and research for the creation of increasingly specialised machines. On-time delivery and the supply of near everlasting replacement parts complete the very highest quality in manufacture and service. In recent years, production has been diversified to create new product lines: the SIRIO off-road forklift complete with all accessories, including hydraulic tippers, grain buckets and grape containers to meet the increasing demands of modern farmers.

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Argenta (FE), Italy
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