The ORSI GROUP is a leading manufacturer of working machinery for agriculture, gardening and maintenance of roads and canals. The company stands out in particular for the two lines of business:- The production and sale of hydraulic brush cutters, shredders, trucks and wagons fruit collection- The production and sale of accessories / tools terminals.The headquarters of the company is located in Mascarino of Castello d'Clays, in the province of Bologna.ORSI GROUP also produces spare parts and carries out technical assistance and after-sales service on the machines of its production.
The products ORSI GROUP S.r.l. are machines for agriculture, gardening and maintenance of roads and canals, in particular hydraulic brush cutters, shredders, trucks, wagons fruit collection and related equipment and / or parts, the design of which was held by companies belonging to the same industrial group.The main customers ORSI GROUP S.r.l. are farms, public agencies / provinces, sellers of agricultural machinery / tractors, agricultural associations, etc. ..The Company has changed its name to ORSI GROUP Srl from July 1999. Previously belonged to the same property,established in Castello d'Clays (BO) but operated as BEARS Srl since December of 1998. The BEARS S.r.l. was born, in turn, by the transformation in the name of BEARS Snc (Founded in 1982), while maintaining the property, the subject of business and registered office.Over the years that the Company has always distinguished itself in the production of products with high technological content, tailored to customer requirements. The high level of products enables a concrete improvement of the times and of labor productivity and allows extreme flexibility and adaptability to all the needs for adaptation to specific for the after-sales service. The characteristics of the products, the type of customers and the company's history testify to the consolidated company's ability to produce products of high quality.
via S. Andrea 2a
Mascarino di Castello d'Argile (BO), Italy
Tel. 051 686 70 72
Fax. 051 686 71 04